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The  Mobile Pocket Glove

Your solution to keeping up with your phone

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It's Easy to use ......... Put your phone in the pocket, zip it in and then put the glove on! 
You can answer your phone or make a call both without removing your phone from the pocket!  Now, you won't lay your phone down and leave it or lose it.  


For Everyone


About us

Yellabees Life Solutions, Making life easier for you!


The "Mobile Pocket Glove"


A new spin on functionality, intentionally designed, because we understand purpose is important. We call it the “FIP” factor.  


We listened to what is important to you, and that is what matters to us. 


No more - losing your phone, and missing calls because you can't find it or worse yet you are sitting on it! 


No more - dropping it and holding on to it for dear life, because you just have no place to put it.

No pockets, no purse, no backpacks or OMG the-no-carry-in-rules to that special event.  No problem!  Relax, enjoy the moment as you keep your phone safe and secure with Yellabees "Mobile Pocket Glove."


Bridging the gap between what you need, what you want and what you have to have!


Yellabees "Mobile Pocket Glove"giving you something to talk  about.


Really go ahead, we want you to Facebook your friends and family, Tweet your followers and let your colleagues know through LinkedIn.  We know you have people and you wouldn’t want to leave any of them out so go ahead Snapchat, Instant Messenger and Instagram them now.  


Let  your friends in on the news. Wherever they live in the social media world, Pinterest, Tumbir or YouTube tell them about Yellabees  "Mobile Pocket Glove,"

even if you have to blog about it, remember you can always tell them to Google it and we will love you all the same.   


Yellabees "Mobile Pocket Glove" we've got the “FIP”  factor! 

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hand and glove in hall way cropped with

Mobile Pocket Glove Is Great Use While Multi-Tasking At my Desk "

Chantel "CeCe" Cook  
Journalist,Producer & Media Personality Power 107.5/106.3fm (Columbus,Oh)
"The Mobile Pocket Glove is Great for my day to day busy schedule from Power 107.5 fm to Ohio Media School"

"A Great Way To keep Track Of My Phone When Leaving My Office I Absolutely Love It"

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